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General Arizona Property Taxes

Based on local taxes, Arizona has the seventh lowest effective property tax rate at 0.6696. In other words, the annual property tax for a $100,000 home in Arizona would be $660 versus $1,150 on a national average.

Counties, cities and community colleges are limited to an increase in total property tax levies of 2% over the previous year’s level, plus new construction

 The valuation of locally valued property is limited to a 10% growth over the prior year’s limited value or an amount equal to one-fourth of the difference between the previous year’s value and the full cash value of the property for current tax year, whichever is greater.

 The maximum primary tax liability for owner-occupied residential property is 1% of primary value. Secondary property taxes (i.e. bonds, school overrides) have no cap.

 Owner-occupied residential properties and residential rental property are assessed at 10% of full cash value. The average tax rate on homes in Arizona before exemptions and rebates is approximately 1.3% of market value.